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Natasha , RDA

Treatment Coordinator / RDA

Millie , RDA

Registered Dental Assistant


Administrative Assistant

Erin grew up in Ontario and in the year 2000 she graduated as a Canadian Dental Assistant from Durham College! She has predominately worked in specialty Endodontic dental practices for dental assisting and dental reception. She moved to Alberta 12 years ago with her husband although she had never visited Alberta before! Erin works for us part time helping us run our front end. In Erin's free time, she loves to running with her dog, reading, watching hockey, camping, skiing and spending time with her very active family. 

"I like working in the dental field to educate patients and more importantly to be a reassuring face to help with dental anxiety."-Erin 

I have been a dental assistant for over 15 years & now reception, graduated & grew up in Ontario.
Moved to Edmonton for my husbands work 12 years ago, he's a chemist. I had never been to Alberta to visit.  2 kids age 13/8.
I like running with my dog, reading, watching hockey, camping & skiing. 
I like working in the dental field to educate patients and more importantly to be a reassuring face to help with dental anxiety. (or something better worded )

Natalee , RDA

Part-Time Dental Assistant /Admin

Natalee has been a dental assistant since 2009, she is an Ontario graduate and moved to Edmonton in 2011! Natalee joined the Dederich Dental Team March 2018; she has a strong interest in specialized dentistry which makes her a perfect fit in our periodontal private practice. Natalee's interests include reading, exercising, cooking healthy food and traveling. Her favourite part about working at Dederich Dental is socializing with patients and helping provide a calm atmosphere; "It's the small things like offering a waiting patient a cup of coffee or tea, or giving a cold patient a blanket, this is what makes me go home happy, knowing I made someone's day a little better. I also really enjoy being in an environment where I am constantly learning. My knowledge about perio is so much more in depth since working with Dr.Dederich and I love assisting the complex cases. -Natalee 

Ginette , RDH

Dental Hygienist

Ginette has been practicing as a registered dental hygienist since July 1997! She has been with the Dederich Dental Team since the beginning, August 2009. In her free time she enjoys hanging out with her family and friends, going to yoga classes, baking, gardening, and doing outdoor activities with her son and husband. Ginette has a few favourite things about working at Dederich Dental, she likes how friendly and helpful her coworkers are and she enjoys working on advanced periodontal cases. "It's a very positive work environment and the patients are awesome to work with, they are really committed to their oral health. I've gained valuable clinical knowledge from Dr.Dederich's training and mentorship, also valuable experience from working on hundreds of advanced periodontal cases. My clinical confidence level has greatly improved since working at Dederich Dental"-Ginette  

Tammy , RDH

Dental Hygienist

Tammy has been practicing as a dental hygienist since 2011! She obtained her hygiene degree from the University of Alberta with the Hygiene Specialization in Periodontology. Tammy’s favourite thing about working in the dental field is being a part of the change and improvement we see in our patients' oral health. In Tammy’s free time she enjoys traveling, baking, doing yoga, spending time with her friends and family!

"I love working in a positive environment where we are constantly learning and being challenged. I am surrounded by people who are genuinely passionate about their jobs and we share our knowledge to help each other grow. I love learning about the most recent techniques or research from Dr.Dederich"-Tammy 

Melissa , RDH

Dental Hygienist

Melissa graduated from the University of Alberta as a dental hygienist in 2015 and in 2016 she obtained her Hygiene Degree with the Specialization in Periodontology. In her private practice experience, she has served a diverse community with complicated dental requirements and a large portion of her patients had perio based needs. Melissa is very comfortable giving local anesthetic and has extensive experience administering it. In Melissa's free time, she enjoys going to the mountains and spending time with friends and family!

Michaela , RDH

Dental Hygienist

Michaela has worked in the dental industry as a dental receptionist since 2013! She went back to school to obtained her Bachelor’s Degree of Dental Hygiene from Dalhousie University. While living out East in Halifax Nova Scotia, Michaela was a clinical instructor for the DDS and Dental Hygiene clinic at Dalhousie University. In addition to being an instructor, Michaela treated periodontal disease maintenance patients in the Graduate Periodontal Clinic in conjunction with Dalhousie University and she also worked in private practice.  

Michaela’s favourite thing about working in the dental field is changing patients' potentially negative perspective about receiving dental treatment into a positive experience. In Michaela’s free time she enjoys spending time with her dog, going on nature walks, and reading books!

"I love educating patients in a way they can understand why they need the treatment that they need. If I ever need to use local anesthetic to numb a patient, I always explain why it needs to be done in order for me to do a thorough job with my root planing. I know receiving a dental needle is never fun, but it makes me so happy to hear my patients tell me "Hey that wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be!" or "Wow I didn't really feel that!". I enjoy working with patients that have high anxiety because it gives me an opportunity to show them they can have a calm positive experience in a dental chair."-Michaela 


Part-Time Receptionist

Bayley is a university science student and is working at Dederich Dental on a part time basis as a receptionist. Her hobbies include spending time with her family and friends and playing competitive basketball. Her favourite thing about working at Dederich Dental is learning about dentistry and patient centered care in the dental field since she is considering going back to school for dental hygiene. 

Maddison , BCom

Business Manager

       Maddison obtained her Bachelor of Commerce degree from MacEwan University, majoring in Management with an undeclared minor in Marketing. In her spare time she plays competitive co-ed basketball, spends time with her dog, and loves to cook. Maddison reads and takes educational courses to expand and diversify her knowledge in the field of practice management, labour law, and business consulting within the scope of dentistry. Maddison remotely works for this office as she has a dental consulting company based in the United States.


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